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The 411 on library cards

librarycardEveryone is entitled to thier first library card free of charge!!  Just ask Miss Catherine about signing up for your very own library card.

  If you lose your library card, don’t worry – a replacement card costs only $1

Here are some other important things to remember about the most important card in your wallet:

  •  If you forget your library card one day, take your photo ID to Miss Catherine to get signed onto the computer or check out materials without it – this offer is good 1 time only; after that, you’ve got to remember to bring that card (you might want to keep it with your school ID so you’ll always have it)!
  • Your library card entitles you to 1 HOUR on the computer every day – use your time wisely! 
  • If you use your hour working on schoolwork and/or job applications, you may be eligible for some extra time, if needed.  If you play around for 55 minutes and then start your work, I’m afraid you’re on your own…
  • If you choose to “share” your minutes with a friend (only if they haven’t had a turn on the computer yet), you must stay until your library card # is logged off of the computer (your card # = your responsibility).  Also, this will count as their turn if they’re on the waiting list for computer time, so both of you should make sure that’s really what you want to do.
  • If you are found using someone elses’ library card number on the computer (and they’re not there with you), you will be logged off of the computer immediately and asked to leave!!
  • If you continue to use library computers under someone elses’ library card, you will be banned from the library for more than one day (just how many will be decided by Miss Catherine) – don’t let this happen to you!!!

Your library card is your all-access pass to computers, books, magazines, special events and movies!


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