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Check out the “New” Fiction spinner for some hot new books!

Not only does this trilogy just look totally awesome, but Cinda Williams Chima is coming to the Rochester Teen Book Festival in April!

First person to read one of these books and give a review to Miss Catherine gets a prize – now get reading!!


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Reading on the Rise!

Some findings from the NEA study of American literacy:

Demographics of literature readers

  • Young adults show the most rapid increases in literary reading. Since 2002, 18-24 year olds have seen the biggest increase (nine percent) in literary reading, and the most rapid rate of increase (21 percent). This jump reversed a 20 percent rate of decline in the 2002 survey, the steepest rate of decline since the NEA survey began.
  • Since 2002, reading has increased at the sharpest rate (+20 percent) among Hispanic Americans, Reading rates have increased among African Americans by 15 percent, and among Whites at an eight percent rate of increase.
  • For the first time in the survey’s history, literary reading has increased among both men and women. Literary reading rates have grown or held steady for adults of all education levels.

Trends in media and literary preferences

  • Fiction (novels and short stories) accounts for the new growth in adult literary readers.
  • Reading poetry and drama continues to decline, especially poetry-reading among women.
  • Online readers also report reading books. Eighty-four percent of adults who read literature (fiction, poetry, or drama) on or downloaded from the Internet also read books, whether print or online.
  • Nearly 15 percent of all U.S. adults read literature online in 2008.

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Did you read the book?

How do you think the movie measures up?

Be sure to check out Miss Catherine’s Reading @ the Movies display to pick up a free activity book, courtesy of New Line Cinema, and click on the picture below to visit the official movie website!


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Talk about dynamic cover art…

I just pulled this book off the shelf, and the cover actually made me jump. Now that’s some serious eye-grabbing imagery (get it, eye-grabbing?  The creature/animal/monster has got crazy eyes… it works, if only in my mind)

Any way, if you want to check it out in real life, just take a look at the EverWorld series in the Teen Series section.  I just might have to read this book, if only to startle people who pass by…


January 27, 2009 at 4:24 pm

And you thought books were boring

book_02Do this to a library book and feel my wrath, but you gotta admit, art created from old books is totally awesome!

Check out this website for more book art eye candy.


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Book 2 Movie

movies1Everyone knows YA books make the best movies, right?

Did anyone check out City of Ember, or Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist? Keep reading your way through the YA fiction section, and you’re sure to come across next summer’s blockbuster at the movies:


Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner








Count Karlstein by Philip Pullman







The Watchmen by Alan Moore










And, of course, coming very soon:

Coraline by Neil Gaiman (if you think this book’s just for kids, think again)


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There’s gonna be a Dance Dance Revolution at Maplewood Community Library this Friday, January 16th!  It starts at 3pm.

Be sure to bring your very best dance moves!

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Monday night is movie night twice a month at Maplewood Community Library!



01/12 – Guess Who

01/26 – Princess Mononoke


Be sure to suggest your favorite movie to Miss Catherine; and maybe it’ll be what we watch next!

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